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5 Best Strategies for a Crypto Investor

Today, we are going to be talking
about our five philosophies of crypto investing.

No. 1,

Develop a long-term mindset.

I mean, this one, talked about already a lot. But there’s a lot that goes into this other than just, you know, thinking about the future. And we’re going to be getting into all the things that, you know, that fits within that category. Because here’s the thing, guys. Over the long term? Winners win.
And if you have that long-term mindset, and you’re making all the right moves, I’m telling you guys, you really can’t lose in crypto. We haven’t seen a chunk of time where a long-term mindset and patience have not paid off tremendously in the world of Bitcoin and crypto.

No. 2,

Understand market behavior.

Now, you start thinking about the market psychology, the psychology of an investor, what is technical analysis?
Technical analysis, of course, is tracking humans' reactions to selling or buying points on a market. That’s all it is. But this is much deeper than that. You need to understand things like, hey, when something is in the red, there’s a good chance it can go up. Whereas if something is in the green, then it’s probably not the best chance to buy it because it’s already extended, you know, through a buying process and the prices are up, so you may not want to buy that. Understanding the "Bitcoin cycles" because whether or not we are going to be stuck in 4-year traditional cycles or not, the fact is, the Bitcoin halving, when that event occurs, does have a tremendous impact on the market.

No. 3,

Build a balanced portfolio.

This is going to be something that we’re going to cover a lot. We’re going to be talking about
over-diversifying, under-diversifying, what kinds of coins you should have, and different kinds of allocations across your portfolio. Diversify! Diversify! Diversify!
This is definitely key.

No. 4,

Become an expert.

It may sound a little strange to you.
This is probably the one that I think I’m the most passionate about that I think is really the key to you guys making a gigantic dent in your portfolio and creating ways where you can generate passive crypto income. This doesn’t mean you need to know every single thing about crypto, okay? What this means is we’re going to be breaking down different ways you can generate
passive income, whether it’s NFTs, or whether it’s metaverse, or whether it’s doing your own YouTube channel or having social media, or yield farming. Whatever you decide to go into
to create passive income for yourself, you’re going to become an expert in that area. We’re going to show you how to pick one thing and go for it. We’re going to have a lot of materials.
Maybe it’s mining. So you’re going to want to become an expert. It doesn’t have to be all across crypto. We’re going to get you drilled down on a niche to where you’re going to be able to generate income for yourself in crypto.

And No. 5,

Navigate crypto safely.

A lot of people lose money. A lot of people get hacked. A lot of people don’t know how, you know, taxes work and things like that, so they’re making bad decisions, when really for tax purposes, there’d be better ways for them to do what they’re doing, whether it’s setting up businesses or shell companies, or whether it’s how you do your trading. Every single thing that involves safety, security, smart decisions, kind of on the macro elements of crypto, we’re going to be talking about those things.

So to just go over the five, one more time, develop the long-term mindset, understand market behavior, build a balanced portfolio, become an expert, and navigate crypto safely.
So these are our five philosophies of investing.